Direct Share is Here!

With Direct Share instructors can copy content to another course and share individual content items with another user in Assignments, Quizzes, Discussions, and Pages.

Send to and Copy to options in assignments


The menu for individual content items also includes the Send To and Copy To links.

Send to and Copy to links in an individual assignment


Note: If the content being shared or copied includes other content in the course (such as a quiz that includes a file), only the direct content item selected for sharing/copying will be included. The additional files must be shared/copied individually.

Send Content

The Send To option is used to send content to another user.

  • Users can search for other users via email address.
  • Content can only be sent to users with instructor-based roles who can manage course content.
  • Users can be identified by typing at least the first three letters of a user’s name in the search field.

Send To window with selected user

The same content may be sent to more than one user by adding other users individually.

Copy Content

The Copy To option is used to copy content to another course. Instructors can only copy content to their own courses.

To copy content, locate the course where the content should be copied by typing at least the first three letters of a course name in the search field.

Copy To window with course name selected

When all fields have been completed and the content has been copied, the window confirms the content copy process has started successfully. The content may take a few minutes to display in the selected course.

User-Level Features

Any user who receives shared content from another user is notified about the content In the User Navigation Menu. Shared content is indicated in the user’s Account icon and also in the Shared Content link.

User Navigation Menu with Shared Content Link

Shared Content Page

Shared content items are listed in the page in reverse chronological order. Users can manage the content item within the page by clicking the Actions menu.

Shared Content page with action items

  • Preview: The user can preview the content item directly from the page. The content loads in the same window and the user can close the window after the content is reviewed.
  • Import: The user can import the content into a course using the same functionality as copying content to another course.
  • Remove: The user can remove the content from the page and take no action. A separate window will display to confirm the removal.


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