Edit All Course Dates on One Page

The Assignments page now supports editing all assignment, discussion, and quiz dates in a single page.

The Assignments Settings menu now includes an option to Edit Assignment Dates. This option displays all existing assignments in a single page arranged by due date. Assignments with the same due date are listed in alphabetical order. The full name of an assignment is included in the hover text for the assignment.

Dates can be selected via the Calendar icon or by typing a date directly in the text field. Currently times must still be adjusted individually.

Edit Assignment Dates Page

For assignments with multiple due dates, all due dates display below the Everyone Else date, and the student, section, or group is right-aligned in the assignment name column. Only due dates and availability dates can be edited in this page—details such as changing the specific group or section assigned to the assignment must be edited directly within the assignment.

Assignments with Differentiated Due Dates


Each heading and assignment row includes a checkbox that can be used to select assignments. The checkbox in the heading can be used to select all assignments. The top of the page displays the number of selected assignments.

Multiple assignment dates selected


If an assignment includes overrides (differentiated assignments), only the main assignment includes a checkbox.

Main assignments with overrides


Note: Checkboxes are grayed out for assignments that cannot be edited, such as if the assignment falls in a closed grading period.

Assignments can also be selected by choosing a specific date range.

Edit Assignment Date Range


Batch Edit Dates

Assignments can be managed in bulk by selecting the assignments and then selecting the Batch Edit Dates button. The batch edit feature allows multiple assignments to shift all dates by a specific number of days (including differentiated assignment overrides, if any). Assignment due dates can also be removed for the selected assignments.

The OK button applies the desired changes for the selected assignments, but changes are not applied to the course until the Edit Assignment Dates page is saved.

Batch Edit Dates window


Assignment Changes
Any assignment that includes a date change includes a Remove icon. Icons display for both assignments manually updated or updated via batch edit. Changes can be reverted by clicking the Remove icon next to the applicable row.

Edit Assignment Dates page with Remove Icons


Validation Errors

If the date validator discovers individual errors, the error is displayed immediately near the due or availability date with the error. Previously errors were displayed only after page updates were processed.

Validation Error for Assignment Dates

Once all dates have been adjusted, changes must be saved via the Save button.

The saving date process also validates availability dates, due dates, and course and term dates. Any errors are displayed in the page to be corrected so the dates can be saved again.

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