Feature Updates: Movable Course Cards | HTML5 Media Recorder

Greetings Rice Community!  When viewing your Dashboard, did you ever just want the freedom to reorder the course cards in a specific way that makes sense to you?  Movable course cards are here folks! Now, you can manually move the cards at the top or bottom of the dashboard; behind or ahead of a particular card.  Or my favorite, simply just drag and drop the cards exactly where you want them!


Firefox and Chrome users will experience an improved user interface when utilizing the media recorder in Canvas.  It now uses HTML5 and will no longer require Flash.  As a refresher, the media recorder is Canvas’ own very basic video recorder and player.  This can be accessed in the Rich Content Editor (where instructions and messages are typed) of any page.  Both faculty and students can use this to send a video message instead of text.

Please note this update does not apply to Internet Explorer and Safari browsers.

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