“Help…the Link is Broken!”

So said many of us who have copied a course semester after semester.  Often times, we find out that the link is broken only when almost the entire class has seen the error and someone finally decides to report it in.  Story of our lives, unfortunately.

In the March 30 Release Notes, Canvas may just be rolling out a good solution to this problem.

Under Notification Preferences, instructors can automatically set an alert to be notified of broken links.  The alert is triggered if:

  • The link can’t be accessed by students because of a permission error.
  • ….the link is broken.
  • ….the link is unpublished.

Instructors will be notified where the broken link is located and the nature of the content.  The default Notification is set to daily delivery.

Here’s a quick refresher on “How do I set my Canvas notification preferences as an instructor?”

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