We are finishing up the first year of full installation of Canvas. OIT has received many great feedbacks from all users. One of the feedback was from faculty members and their concerns about the Syllabus tool within Canvas. Some shared their negative sentiment of tools that appear there, a list of assignments and events, course category weights, and a calendar.

If you don’t want them to show up in your syllabus, there are other approaches. (Before using any of the following approaches, make sure to disable the Syllabus tool from Settings => Navigation.)

  1. You can post a pdf syllabus in the Files area.
  2. You can create a Page and title it Syllabus, then type (copy/paste) the entire content.
  3. Above 1 or 2 (or combination) can be shown in Modules.

Another feedback from faculty members and students was their concerns about how students can print the syllabus. If you type (or copy and paste) the entire syllabus in the Syllabus tool or in the Pages, students will have difficult time printing. Therefore, I recommend faculty members posting a pdf link in the syllabus.

I hope these suggestions are helpful for you to get ready for a new semester.

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